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Transmitter Dimensions - 80mm X 65mm X 17mm

Power Source - 12 Volts DC

Frequency - 2.4 Gigahertz (4 channel, user selectable)

Range - Up to 600 Feet (200+ metres) Line-Of-Sight

Receiver Unit Dimensions - 200mm X 120mm X 40mm.


2.4 Ghz Miniature Video/Audio Transmitter

Video/Audio Transmitter and Receiver Kit
This Video and Audio microwave transmitter is the ideal solution for short range covert (and overt) transmission, and is compatible with all of our other video products. The tiny (approximately matchbox-sized) transmitter will allow operation in normal conditions within a range of 80 - 100 metres (200 metres + line of sight range). This range can be further increased to over 600 metres when used with our optional Yagi-antenna receiver. This system can be used in conjunction with covert cameras or with overt cameras where long cable runs are impractical. The small and handy receiver has a built-in 4 channel selector that allows the operator to manually/automatically select up to 4 transmitters to view, and is ideal as part of a nanny-watch system.This unit can be operated without a licence within the EU * Kit includes transmitter, receiver, built-in antennas and power supply units.
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USA (outside EU) Price €165.87

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