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Video Transmitters are often the solution where wiring is either impossible, impractical or undesirable. The products shown below are all supplied as plug and play kits, and can be used with most cameras that have standard connections - These Video (and Audio) Transmitters are the most cost effective solution for long range CCTV applications, often working out cheaper then a hard-wired system.

While the ranges achievable with Video Transmitters vary greatly (depending on local conditions - obstacles, buildings etc) we quote realistic ranges that we have achieved while testing the transmitters under varying conditions and types of terrain.

Standard Range 2.4Ghz Video and Audio Transmitter Kits2.4 Ghz Video Transmitter and Receiver Kit

Long range Video and Audio Transmitter and Receiver Kits 2.4 Ghz Long Range Video Transmitter and Receiver Kit

Combined Cameras/Transmitters and Receivers Combined Camera/Transmitter and Receiver Kits

Battery/Mains Powered Transmitter Cameras and ReceiversCombined Rechargable Cameras/Transmitter/Receiver Kits

Portable Battery and Mains powered Receiver, with folding LCD screen !Battery/Mains Powered Mini Receiver, with LCD Screen

Super sensitive Yagi-Antenna receiver for ultra-long range video transmission installations.Long-Range Yagi-Antenna Receiver



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