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Unit Dimensions - Yagi  77.5 cm, receiver 20cm X 12cm X 4cm.

Power Source - 12 Volts DC   

Frequency - 2.4 Gigahertz (1 or 4 channel versions available).

Range  -   Directional Yagi antenna increases reception range as follows

* Standard Model Transmitter  to 600+ metres Line-Of-Sight

* Long Range Model Transmitter  to 3000+ metres Line-Of-Sight

2.4 Ghz High Gain Yagi Antenna and Receiver, which greatly extends the distances over which a good video/audio signal can be received .

The perfect solution for long range, but cost effective, video transmission. The highly sensitive and directional Yagi antenna receiver kit improves reception to such a degree that it will work over distances approximately three times as great as the conventional transmitter/receiver kits ! When used with the standard transmitter, expect line-of-sight performance of over 600 metres; when used with our long-range transmitter, expect line-of-sight performance of over 3000 metres ! For maximum performance, the Yagi and receiver should be mounted outdoors, and should be pointed straight at the transmitter. The Yagi comes with a clamp that will accept poles up to 2 inches diameter. The receiver connects to the Yagi by means of a standard "N" connector - the receiver must be enclosed in a weather-proof box for outdoor use. *Kit includes Yagi antenna, "N" connector receiver, mounting clamp and 12 volt power supply.
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USA (outside EU) Price B&W €250.00

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