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Screen Dimensions - 30mm X 40mm X 50mm

Power Source - 12 Volts DC    

* From batteries, 3/4 hour per charge

* From mains adapter, continuous use.

Frequency - 2.4 Gigahertz (4 channel, auto-switch, user selectable).

Receiver Unit Dimensions - 145mm X 75mm X 40mm

The portable rechargeable video and audio receiver with LCD screen, shown with the screen cover open

2.4 Ghz video/audio receiver shown with screen cover folded down

Compatible with all of our  Astrotel Video transmitters, this optional receiver includes a 2.5 inch TFT screen (protected by a fold-down cover which also contains the antenna) and on-board battery compartment for portable use. This receiver is ideal for use where no mains power is available, or even as an extra viewing option (straight out of the shirt pocket - this receiver is about the same size as a mobile phone ! ) while on the move. This device also functions as a standard receiver, with leads supplied for connecting to full size TV or VCR, for normal use. Four transmitters can be watched on this device (either by manual selection or by using the auto-switch feature, which cycles through the 4 channels at 3 second intervals). This receiver is also ideal for covert surveillance purposes, or for hobby use, where the camera/transmitter has been fitted into model aircraft or the like.   * includes receiver, built-in antenna and power supply unit and connecting lead, (but mobile use requires 4 AA standard or Ni-Mh batteries, not included).
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