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TX 13 UHF Room Transmitter

Size _______________68 X 27 X 30mm

Power_____________2 X AA

Frequency_______Ch A (398.60), B (399.45) or C (398.03) Mhz

Antenna_______________________ Wire Type

Battery Life ____________________400-600 Hours (dependant on battery quality) 

Range (Average and LOS Maximum)__250 - 300 Metres 

TX13 UHF bug, which gives an amazing 16 days operational time from two AA batteries

Our work-horse UHF Room Bug. This room transmitter is intended for professional use, and gives excellent results. Battery life for this bugging device is an amazing 16 days (battery is carried within the transmitter case, so overall dimensions are as shown above) and audio pick up and transmission are crystal clear. A suitable receiver for this device is the RX-1,click here.
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