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TX 17 UHF Long Range Room Transmitter

Size __________________ 68 X 30 X 27 mm.

Power__________ 1 X 9 Volt   PP3 

Frequency____Ch A (398.60), B (399.45) or C (398.03) Mhz. 

Antenna_____________________ Wire Type 

Battery Life __________________60 Hours + 

Range (Average and LOS Maximum)__700 - 1000 Metres 

The TX17 long range UHF bug, which uses a commonly available 9 volt battery

The TX 17 is one of the longest range miniature bugs available. The perfect professional room bug, this device has a strong output and stable crystal controlled transmission,all contained in a sturdy but small case. This room transmitter is perfect where extra transmission range is required.        A suitable receiver for this device is the RX-1,click here.

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