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TX 14 UHF Room Transmitter

Size __________________Standard Calculator

Power_________________2 X AA Batteries (powers calculator and transmitter) 

Frequency_____Ch A (398.60), B (399.45) or C (398.03) Mhz

Antenna_______________________ Integral

Battery Life ___________________400-500 Hours 

Range (Average and LOS Maximum)__100 - 200 Metres 

TX14 Calculator/Transmitter listening device

Miniature electronics allow this fully working calculator to also house a crystal controlled, highly sensitive room transmitter that will pick up even whispered conversations in a room and transmit them to a nearby receiver, with perfect clarity. A highly efficient design allows the batteries in this bugging device to power the bug (and calculator) for an amazing 20 days continuous use. A suitable receiver for this device is the RX-1,click here.
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