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Miniature UHF Transmitter in Working Pen  UHF Pen Transmitter

Long Endurance Voice Activated UHF Room Transmitter TX 16 UHF Voice Activated Room Transmitter

UHF voice activated credit card sized bugging transmitter  UHF Credit Card Voice Activated Transmitter

Long Range UHF Transmitter TX 17 UHF Long Range Room Transmitter

UHF Crystal Controlled Room Bug  TX 13 UHF Room Transmitter

300 and 600 Metre UHF Telephone Transmitters TX11 UHF Telephone Transmitter

UHF Room Transmitter in Working Calculator  TX 14 UHF Calculator Transmitter

UHF Telephone Transmitter TTX TTX UHF Telephone Transmitter

UHF Room/Body Transmitter  TX 15 UHF Room/Body Worn Transmitter VHF and UHF Bugging Receivers  Bugging Device Receivers


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