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* Weather-proof for outdoor use.

* Wide angle for maximum coverage.

* Crystal clear, razor sharp images.

* Black and White offers exceptional low-light performance.

* Audio available as an option.

* Plug & Play Kit for easy installation

The Lipstick Camera-Small,Discreet,Weatherproof and High Performance !


The  KT&C Lipstick Camera !

Field Of View - 92 Degrees

Resolution - 410 TV Lines

Min. Illumination - 0.1 Lux

Power Source - 12 Volts DC

Current Drain - 120 MilliAmps

Dimensions - 52mm X 19 mm

Field Of View - 70 Degrees

Resolution - 380 TV Lines

Min. Illumination - 2.0 Lux

Power Source - 12 Volts DC

Current Drain - 120 MilliAmps

Dimensions - 74mm X 21.5 mm

The Lipstick Camera is the ideal indoor or outdoor security accessory, and is small and discreet, attracting no attention. The most amazing thing about our Lipstick Camera is the quality of the picture, which betters most full size security cameras. Supplied with a mounting bracket that will allow you to quickly and easily mount the camera on a wall or ceiling yet still allow a huge range of camera movement. The Lipstick Camera is fully weather-proof ( but should be mounted in a sheltered spot if siting outdoors), beware of cheaper, but much lower spec imitations of our Lipstick Cameras selling elsewhere - they may look similiar, but there performance is poor, when compared to this product, manufactured by the innovative company, KT&C.
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European (EU) Price B&W Model €178.00

European (EU) Price Colour Model €291.97

USA (outside EU) Price B&W Model €166.16

USA (outside EU) Price Colour Model €273.05

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